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Fat Dragonfly Collection cares about our community & the environment. As a company, we strive to partner with local organizations who share our values & our desire to preserve & enhance our dynamic world.  We utilize our 3 pillar system to guide every art design, project, event & overall decision:





PNW Bay Collection

Fat Dragonfly is donating 20% of the profit from this collection to Pacific Mammal Research.

As an artist and as someone who calls the PNW my home, I have so much gratitude for the inspiration I experience every day.  This year we are partnering with Pacific Mammal Research to help support their mission. 

Pacific Mammal Research


Pacific Mammal Research (PacMam) is a scientific research organization that studies free-ranging marine mammals in the Salish Sea to improve our understanding of their life history, behavior, social structure and ecology within a dynamic and changing environment. Using traditional and innovative scientific techniques we provide information critical for conservation measures and create public awareness through education.

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